Levels of Care

Independent Living

Independent Living is just that — independence — the freedom to come and go, do as you please and live life to the fullest. This level of retirement living is ideal for those who want to leave the constraints of property ownership behind, and no longer desire to keep up with the maintenance and care of a home.

You’re healthy, mobile, active and don’t require any major assistance with medically-related issues. But, you’d like to live in a social environment, with others of similar age and mobility, knowing that additional levels of care are here if and when needed. And you’d also like the assurance that you’ll be residing where a staff and management team are present and looking out for your welfare and best interests. It’s a great time in your life to let go of things you have to do, and just do those things you want to do. Cottages, apartments, meal plans, housekeeping, laundry services, activities and trips — why wait any longer?!

Personal Care

Just a little bit of individualized support can make all the difference. That’s the benefit of Personal Care — assistance with one or more activities of daily living will help you stay active, engaged and living life to the fullest.

You know it’s no fun being lonely and isolated from others. You’ll like the benefit of having daily activities, trips, special events, friends and a dedicated team of caregivers who get to know you like family. And, the care provided varies with each resident — it’s personal! Typical support includes help with bathing, grooming and dressing. The services provided are largely non-medical, although we do provide assistance with medication management. Personal Care — it’s our way of helping you stay lively and connected at the same time!

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Accidents happen out-of-the-blue. Surgeries — like knee and hip replacements — are planned well in advance. In either case, we both share the same goal — getting your health restored and you back home to your normal routine as soon as possible following hospitalization.

When faced with a choice of rehab options, you do have a choice. Some transitional care options presented to you may result in a discharge to another facility after only a short stay and before you’re “back on your feet.” Choose the right choice the first time: StoneRidge’s focused in-patient care in a sub-acute setting with round-the-clock nursing services. Success is measured by restoring your independence and returning you back home. You’ll love our dedicated short-term therapy unit, private rooms and open-ended visiting hours. You’re not staying forever, just long enough to be “you” again.

Skilled Nursing Care

As a loved-one ages, declining health issues and hospitalizations often become a fact-of-life. There comes a point when you’re faced with a decision: “Am I equipped to care for a parent myself? What are my options? I hate the thought of placing mom in a ‘nursing home’...”

There are options, that’s for certain. We’d like to recommend skilled nursing care in a setting that doesn’t follow the stereotype — certainly no “nursing home” — in fact, we don’t even use those words here. At StoneRidge, you won’t find boredom, isolation or loneliness. You find the adequate staffing and personalized attention you’d expect from a faith-based, not-for-profit community. You’ll see care delivered in communities that have received outstanding Medicare rankings and annual Department of Health surveys. You’ll experience a responsive admissions team, streamlined paperwork and no hoops to jump through. You’ll love watching mom or dad smile, laugh and thrive once again in a warm, family-oriented social setting. There’s really only one option — StoneRidge.

Memory Care

As an extension of Skilled Nursing Care, StoneRidge offers those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders two specialized, secure memory care units at Towne Centre and at Church of God Home. These units treat the particular needs of memory-related conditions providing care that is focused on keeping residents safe and secure. StoneRidge opened its memory care unit in 1985, the first of its kind in Lebanon County.