Independent Living

Independent Living is just that — independence — the freedom to come and go, do as you please and live life to the fullest. This level of retirement living is ideal for those who want to leave the constraints of property ownership behind, and no longer desire to keep up with the maintenance and care of a home.

You’re healthy, mobile, active and don’t require any major assistance with medically-related issues. But, you’d like to live in a social environment, with others of similar age and mobility, knowing that additional levels of care are here if and when needed. And you’d also like the assurance that you’ll be residing where a staff and management team are present and looking out for your welfare and best interests. It’s a great time in your life to let go of things you have to do, and just do those things you want to do. Cottages, apartments, meal plans, housekeeping, laundry services, activities and trips — why wait any longer?!