Skilled Nursing Care

As a loved-one ages, declining health issues and hospitalizations often become a fact-of-life. There comes a point when you’re faced with a decision: “Am I equipped to care for a parent myself? What are my options? I hate the thought of placing mom in a ‘nursing home’...”

There are options, that’s for certain. We’d like to recommend skilled nursing care in a setting that doesn’t follow the stereotype — certainly no “nursing home” — in fact, we don’t even use those words here. At StoneRidge, you won’t find boredom, isolation or loneliness. You find the adequate staffing and personalized attention you’d expect from a faith-based, not-for-profit community. You’ll see care delivered in communities that have received outstanding Medicare rankings and annual Department of Health surveys. You’ll experience a responsive admissions team, streamlined paperwork and no hoops to jump through. You’ll love watching mom or dad smile, laugh and thrive once again in a warm, family-oriented social setting. There’s really only one option — StoneRidge.