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ELCO Students Gain Real-World Experience Working at StoneRidge Poplar Run

A group of ELCO students enrolled in a job training services program through IU13 are preparing to garner real-world work experience by volunteering at StoneRidge Poplar Run in Myerstown. Soon after the school year began, the students attended an orientation program hosted by Poplar Run’s Human Resources department to prepare them for working within a residential environment and to be able to handle any number of things that may come their way in the course of their work. Stephanie Delp, director of human resources, shared that “the training materials presented can be somewhat difficult and the sessions can be long to sit through, but I am very proud how these students handled it all.”

Job Trainer Michele Auman of IU13 led the group and, with other assistants, helped them navigate through the materials presented. She explained that these students “will be assisting residents with activities, working in the dining rooms and helping with special events and other miscellaneous tasks. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to gain work experience and build community.”

Pictured from left is Michele Auman, IU13 job trainer; Michelle Hitz, paraprofessional; Michael Lohnes; J.J. Spang; Ella St. Onge; Jonathan Fisher; Raven Friend; Damien Keisch; Adam Arnold; Judy Moyer, teacher; and B.J. Martin, job training assistant