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Garden Club Achieves Certification from Penn State

The Stone Ridge Garden Club at StoneRidge Poplar Run in Myerstown, whose entries at area fairs and gardening events each year reap many winning ribbons and accolades, has worked toward and achieved a certification from the Penn State Cooperative Extension. The garden property at StoneRidge has been designated a "Pennsylvania Pollinator Friendly Garden." This certifies that the property provides food and habitat for native insects and animals which in turn provide the pollination needed to protect our plant diversity and food sources. Club President and Certified Master Gardener Doris Yochum was delighted that the club achieved this important certification. "It is an important designation for us and for the environment.  It also affirms our commitment to maintain the natural integrity of the property for which we are responsible," Yochum said.

Photo caption: This protected swale is part of the gardens maintained by the StoneRidge Garden Club.  The swale contains a variety of native wild plants and flowers including this lovely deep-purple colored aster in the foreground.