Affiliations & Management

Information about StoneRidge Retirement Living affiliations and management.


StoneRidge Retirement Living is headquartered in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. We are affiliated with the Evangelical Congregational Church, also headquartered in Myerstown, through the election of members to the Board of Trustees per the stipulations of our charter. The Evangelical Congregational Church is not responsible for the financial or contractual obligations of StoneRidge.

We welcome residents of all faiths and backgrounds who meet our financial and occupancy requirements for a given level-of-care — there is no preferential treatment given to any particular group of applicants. We are not a “church home” operated by, or for the exclusive use of, the Evangelical Congregational Church or the Churches of God.

We do not have any other affiliations with any other religious, fraternal, charitable or non-profit organizations.


All StoneRidge retirement communities receive contracted management services from its parent company StoneRidge Retirement Living. The senior leadership team members include: