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Updates: Coronavirus


We are committed to a safe environment for our residents and are therefore implementing temporary measures that may periodically change as dictated by the Center for Disease Control or PA Department of Health. Visitation levels will be grouped into the following categories:

GREEN- Standard Visitation: No restrictions on visitation. Visitors are required to sign in at the receptionist desk before visitation.

YELLOW- Essential Visitation: Visitation level is heightened, restricting visitation to "Immediate Family" only. Visitors with signs and symptoms of a transmissible infection should defer visitation until they are no longer potentially infectious. Visitors must follow respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette as well as other infection prevention and control practices. 

RED- Suspended Visitation: Visitation is at the highest level, restricted to only "Medically Necessary" visitation. Immediate family or friends who need to visit for critical or time sensitive reasons such as hospice-related visits, or to complete medical authorizations.

Required Reporting Related to COVID-19 Cases:

The information outlined in the below hyperlinks is in conjunction with the requirements from the Department of Health and our quest to be transparent.  More than ever our goal is to keep family members informed and this information is a supplement to the information you will receive if you have a loved one in a StoneRidge Retirement Living Community and they have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, is suspected to have COVID-19 themselves or needs to be tested to rule out COVID-19 based on their medical status.

What do I do if I am concerned and want to know if my loved one is at risk or has COVID-19? 
If you have not received a phone call from a team member within our facility your loved one has not been identified as being at risk.  Please continue to utilize the below chart as a reference for what is transpiring within the facility.  It is essential for our staff to spend their efforts on the management of resident care needs.  We encourage you to allow this tool to be the general information for you to review during this pandemic.

 This information listed is being broken down very specifically as we continue to manage our facilities and eliminate and/or isolate the threat within a specific community.  Information can be accessed for Towne Centre and Poplar Run by calling 717-866-3200 or 717-249-5322 for Church of God Home and selecting "6" from your phone key pad or through our StoneRidge Retirement Living Community Website.  Information will be updated daily at 5:00 pm based on information as of 8 am. 

* Information related to Independent Living will not be publically reported through StoneRidge Retirement Living.  Residents residing in Independent Living are not required to report their clinical information to StoneRidge Retirement Living.  While StoneRidge continues to provide education and resources on COVID-19 prevention to our Independent Living residents, this information is to insure a safe community while upholding individual rights related to protected health information and personal privacy. 

* If StoneRidge Retirement Living Community receives any information related to an Independent Living resident who may be at risk for COVID-19 exposure, residents affected will be notified by the StoneRidge Director of Independent Living.

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